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January 2020

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An Almanac of Contemporary and Continuum of Jurisprudential Restatements
-Annotated with Treaties, Statutes, Rules and Commentaries

Almanac Presentation

Almanac Presentation

We present our compliments,
Oshisanya, 'lai Oshitokunbo An Almanac of Contemporary Judicial Re-statements (Almanac vols. i-iii) Revised Edition
Oshisanya, 'lai Oshitokunbo An Almanac of Contemporary and Comparative Judicial Re-statements
(ACCJR Supplements i & ii Private and public law 2013)

We hereby present the latest set of law publications that states evaluates and assesses the Nigerian judicial precedents vis á vis contemporary statutes, laws and judicial/legal framework compared with earlier Nigerian and foreign judicial decisions.
The set is now in six volumes spanning over 6,500 pages with comprehensive contents and narrowed subject-matter contents and side notes; quick and easy to reference.
It is essential for lawyers, corporate practitioners, statutory and compliance agents, scholars, researchers, students on the prevailing legal regimes on a wide spectrum of legal topics and issues. In short encyclopaedic.
It is first-hand information and makes briefing and reviewing work of legal advisers or counsel easy to follow. It also leaves no one in the dark of what positions our courts have taken on matters.

The six volumes are cross referenced and are classified under the following subjects:
The revised editions:
Vol. i Practice and Procedure; Vol. ia Administration of Justice and Evidence; Vol. ii Civil Law; Vol. iii Criminal and Quasi Criminal law and Procedure.

Supplements are adumbrated with relevant statutes in red ink and evergreen treaties in green ink classified as:
ACCJR Supp. i - Private Law; ACCJR Supp. ii - Public Law.

These six volumes are offered at a modest price of: N70,000 (paperback) N120,000 (hardback) for the set.

Thank you as you support the author’s campaign to eliminate the amount of time spent in deliberating over matters that have been definitively settled in clear dictates of law; and for development in areas that cause national anxiety.

We accept your patronage and please accept our highest assurances.

For Direct Delivery Pay with name of purchaser to Almanac Foundation Guaranty Trust Bank plc A/C No: 0008034886.
Send delivery address and Scan teller to:
Board of Trustees:
CHAIRMAN: HE. Hon. Adolphous Karibi-Whyte,CFR, FNAILS
MEMBERS: Prof. Yemi Osinbajo,SAN
Prof. Taiwo Osipitan,SAN
Prof. Gbolahan Elias,SAN

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An Almanac of Contemporary and Continuum of Jurisprudential Restatements

              -Annotated with Treaties, Statutes, Rules and Commentaries