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Available: Revised & Supplements (2013 ed)

’lai Oshitokunbo Oshisanya,An Almanac of Contemporary Judicial Re-statements (Almanac vols i-iii) Revised edition

Vol. i  Practice and Procedure 1001 pages;   Vol. ia Administration of Justice and Evidence 819 pages

Vol. ii Civil Law 1048pages;    Vol. iii Criminal and Quasi Criminal law and Procedure 369 pages;

’lai Oshitokunbo Oshisanya,An Almanac of Contemporary and Comparative Judicial Re-statements (ACCJR Supplements i & ii (2013)

ACCJR Supp. i - Private Law 1652 pages;      ACCJR Supp. ii - Public Law 1712 pages.

Price for the entire set of 6 (six):

N70,000.00 (paperback) N120,000.00 (hardback)


’lai Oshitokunbo Oshisanya,

An Almanac of Contemporary and Continuum of Jurisprudential Restatements

                -Annotated with Treaties, Statutes, Rules and Commentaries,2,500 pages

Online editions 2020

Print edition imminent